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By accessing the Laman Library's Wireless Internet Service, you agree to the following policy

The William F. Laman Public Library provides public access to the Internet in keeping with its role of providing equal access to information to meet the reference and research needs of the community.

The Library has no control over the information on the Internet and is not responsible for its content. As is the case with other materials in the Library's collections, any restrictions of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

In pursuit of its goal to provide the most effective access to information resources the Library has adopted the following policies governing electronic access:

AUTHORIZED USERS: All users of the Library may have access to electronic information, services, and networks provided directly or indirectly by the Library, in accordance with the Library's licensing or contractual agreements regarding data and services. However, users who have repeatedly violated any parts of this policy may be denied access. Additionally, during high-demand times, e-mail users and web surfers may be asked to relinquish computers and all users may be limited to one hour sessions. Only library patrons with a current library card and a valid Arkansas driver's license may check out and use the laptop computers.

AUTHORIZED USE: The Library's public computers are to be used for research and education only. Patrons are responsible for using discretion and judgment in both accessing and evaluating Internet information, which may be erroneous or biased. Parents and guardians are responsible for Internet use by minors. Internet information is not filtered, evaluated, approved, monitored or supervised by Library staff members. Users may print files, copy files to disk, or e-mail files to themselves provided they are accessed in a manner authorized by this policy. The Library reserves the right to restrict user printing based on quantity and/or content. Laptop computers must remain in the building.

UNAUTHORIZED USE: Game playing, using chat rooms, HTML authoring, viewing inappropriate sites for a public library setting, or using Library computers for commercial purposes is not permitted. Use or installation of personal software, or tampering with Library computers is strictly forbidden. The Library does not provide e-mail accounts for the public. The Library staff may limit sessions to one hour if other patrons are waiting for Internet access. The Library staff reserves the right to end an Internet session if the patron is committing unauthorized use of the computer, if use of the computer is causing a disruption of library services, or if the behavior of the patron becomes inappropriate for a public library setting.

COPYRIGHT ALERT: Many of the Internet resources are copyright protected. Patrons are responsible for checking Internet data for copyright statements. Software available on Library computers is also copyrighted. Making copies of this software constitutes unauthorized use and in not permitted. In addition, it is a violation of federal law.


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